Reflecting the inner beauty in people and communities

  • Creating commissioned stained glass windows for over 40 years
  • Offering individualized attention by artists who get to know you
  • Interpreting site conditions from an artists’ perspective
  • Presenting the finest quality in materials and craftsmanship

Celebrating Beer BrewingKjerland Studio offers artist-designed stained glass windows.  Our windows reflect each client’s unique personality, style, and values.

The commission process includes a site visit where we listen carefully to our clients’ desires and study the space.  We pay attention to the energy and feelings that emanate from people and buildings.  We look for the beauty within and make it known visually.  We seek to build a sense of belonging into each piece, so that our windows draw people together and add natural warmth and beauty.

All glass is hand-picked piece-by-piece based on our artistic sense of light, color, and texture.  We use only the finest quality glasses available that offer rich, vibrant colors and captivating textures.

Leaded windows last hundreds of years–this is our way of leaving the world a better place.

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